I have decided to focus on a single podcast to get back to bringing you an weekly show. Therefore, I’m cancelling all my other shows, like The Mox & Mermaid. Please check out my new privacy podcast: privatecitizen.press

This account will be inactive. Follow @fabsh@twitter.com for news.

Well... I'm kinda proud of going 6-1 in the Metagame Challenge. Thanks to @Mengu09@twitter.com and @ChannelFireball@twitter.com for the decklist. 😍🔥

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Final Results from FML Split A fab.industries/post/2020-fml-s

Jonathan takes the lead as the first round of matches in the fab.industries Magic League comes to a close.

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Man, I just love the design of this form of removal and the possibility space it creates!

Yeah, I know... I fell off the face of the plane there for a bit. Forgive me! It won't happen again, I promise. Anyway, here's a fresh episode with some talk about competitive Magic and .

Episode 6: Oko on a Smoko moxandmermaid.com/episode/6/

Believe it or not, I’ve just recorded a fresh episode. Should hit the feed fairly soon!

Well, @MTG_Arena@twitter.com just sent me this. Elspeth Conquers Death. Apparently they know how much I like sagas!

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Looks like Theros Beyond Death was approaching War of the Spark-levels of words-on-cards before Wizards tried to dial it back a bit. (The first image is pre-intervention.)

And yes, it does appear that cards have been getting wordier over the last year.

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Excellent haul from the final door in my advent calendar. Garruk, foil Questing Beast, foil alt border Embercleave, foil alt Piper of the Swarm among many others. 😍

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Holy shit! Just pulled a €35 card. And that’s even *though* he’s banned!

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Holy crap! Today’s advent calendar had a foil alternate Fae of Wishes! 😍

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Update: @MegaSlippers@twitter.com and I will be playing our Split A, Round 2 match today at 14:00 UTC. I'll start streaming some time before this on twitch.tv/foxtrotalfabravo

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