Holy crap. My first time playing with Oko. When he sticks, he sure can dominate a game. 😳

My box of has finally arrived. Or is it ? Anyway, I talk a bit about the set and do a Crack-a-Pack (TM & all rights reserved @Marshall_LR@twitter.com). Come, join me for an ale and warm your feet by the fire...

Episode 4: Knights Everywhere moxandmermaid.com/episode/4/

This is kinda how Hogaak happened as well, right?

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I found the original Mowu! How I recall things proceding from here...

"I think we should add vigilance."
"He's a good boy."
"Huh, alright. Thoughts?"
"We should also add trample. Because he's a REAL good boy."
"...Checks out. Motion carries. Next topic?"


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Not a bad draft to end the day with. Just don't ask about the B/G deck I drafted right before that... πŸ˜†

About time! πŸ˜†

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HOLY COW ... looks like modern is cancelled

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Wow! That’s one sweet looking card!!

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I won’t be responsible if this melts your face or causes you surprising accute pleasure.

Showcase Villainous Wealth (Not For Sale)

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Well. Thatβ€˜s a thing now.

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I'm so excited we finally get to announce the Magic and My Little Pony crossover - Ponies: the Galloping! No, it's not April 1. Yes, I'm serious. This was a blast to work on... check it out!

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The Federation

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