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About to go live with a podcast recording on the recent German federal election and the process of building a coalition government.

Meinen heutigen Morgen verbringe ich damit, das "Identity- und Access-Management für Microsoft 365 mit Azure Active Directory" zu moderieren.

Subversive Mission für heute: Als einziger im Meeting das Wort "azure" richtig aussprechen. Also: /ˈæz.jʊə/

Never mind the getting into space part, the real question about this mission is does Bezos have the technology to keep the hairpiece on in zero g?

If you don't try this recipe, you will be sorry. I mean it. This is so easy and delicious, you owe it to yourself to warm up with this on a cold and rainy autumn Sunday.

A Most Delicious Pot Roast

You know you play too much Tarkov when... bothers you to no end that the character in Deathloop doesn't unfold the stock on his SMG when ADSing with it.

Wait. What??? Why did nobody tell me about this???

RT - The first episode of a brand new show. Hear how was “Spellbound” by Siouxsie and The Banshees... see what I did there? Alright, I'll get my coat. But seriously give the show a try, kthxbai ;)


Slept in a Sabaton shirt.
Woke up making my way to heaven, through the Nazi lines.


Slept in a Volbeat shirt.
Woke up tied down in battleship chains.
Stop that shit.



Stanford University hat die Prozessakten der Nürnberger Prozesse digitalisiert und durchsuchbar gemacht, inkl. Audioaufnahmen (50 Terabyte)


I love cooking stuff like this. Very little work. You just wait a lot. Cooking like this is basically converting time into flavour. 🥰

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Home alone. Listening to jazz (Houston Person & Ron Carter) and cooking a pot roast. Seemed appropriate, as the nights are getting cold now...


To answer all the questions, yes, it’s true, Babylon 5 is in active development as a series for the CW. We have some serious fans over at the network, and they’re eager to see this show happen. I’m hip deep into writing the pilot now, and will be running the series upon pickup.


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