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You know, rewatching that clip, I think I might actually have gotten him with the flashbang... 😎

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You know, I might actually be getting better at this game! I've started slaughtering the bambis now... 🤣

Hitting Tarky with my good friend to wind down the day!

Updated my Twitch emotes to make them easier recognisable. Also added a new nade emote. Additionally sub, bits and raid sounds have now been changed. The sub and bits sounds are various sounds of nades dropping in Tarky. 😅

Wahl in Deutschland. Stimmzettel passt nicht in den Stimmzettelumschlag. Wer designed sowas?

Also: Just launched new album art for The Private Citizen

"Defending Your Right to Have Something to Hide"

The Ivermectin debacle: How a total bullshit story got spread all throughout professional journalism and what this kind of thing means for modern society as a whole.

The Private Citizen 85: The Latest in Despicable Journalism

Going live with a Private Citizen recording. Talking about pervasive problems in journalism again...

I think Glock should start offering this as a factory-built. Credit to for the engineering. A built worthy of's Tarkov Test Kitchen.

When you say you're doing 60 dumbbell reps on stream and then redeems another 60... 🥵

Stirrup done! YESSSSS!!! Thanks to for inventing, and bringing, the GLock for fAB (GLAB) that enabled me to cheese this shit!

Ready to spent an extremely tactical night with in the outskirts of Tarkov. Streaming going live ASAP.


Die Kolumnen von in der gefallen mir immer, aber heute besonders gut!



FINALLY I got around to the stream highlights. A thousand thank yous to and for hanging out with me in the magical land of Tarkov:


LOL. So Rogan gets infected with SARS-CoV-2 and has “really only one bad day”. And here’s me looking like Tony Ferguson after five rounds with Justin Gaethje for three days after each jab… Figures.

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