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RT Hi Fabian! Yeah we saw that, we already contacted this agency, there is not supposed to be a claim of course but we can't control everything unfortunately. You can definitely contest the claim if you want, you have the right to use the game music :)


I will be intrigued to find out why the national copyright collecting agency of Brazil thinks it has a composition claim on a song from the 15th century recorded by Sega specifically for

It's been a too long time with no peace of mind
Now I'm ready for the times to get better

People wanted me to talk about Pegasus and the NSO Group scandal. So I did. Here's my take on it:

Live now with episode 83 of The Private Citizen. Talking about NSO Group and Pegasus today.

Ubuntu, erst 2006 glaub ich. Kurz bevor ich Linux Outlaws gestartet habe. Knoppix und KDE im Computer-Pool der Uni Bonn haben mich 2003 so verschreckt, dass ich Linux jahrelang nicht mehr angefasst hatte...


1993 mit ner CD vom Telepoint trat eine Slackware in mein Leben. Das müsste Version 1.01 gewesen sein. Seitdem habe ich mir so ziemlich alles angesehen und bin nun mit Ubuntu und Arch glücklich.


This track fucking slaps! As usual for the guys. ❤️


TANKERS RISE UP! New video "Steel Commanders" honors heroes and spearheads the BIG "Spirit of War" event. 👉
Watch here: 👉


I dunno. This newest seems to be inspired by my home office life. Where have you hidden the bugs, I demand to know!


Doc just said he knows why he got banned and he's suing the fuck outta Twitch ... GOOD

Firm Handshakes Boss🤝


Eine mehr als drei Jahre alte Windows-Installation zum produktiven Arbeiten zu nutzen, ist, wie mit einem Hyundai ix35 die Rallye Dakar fahren zu wollen: Man kann es versuchen, kommt aber wahrscheinlich nicht sehr weit.

Pro tip from Lying down makes you significantly harder to hit*

*results may vary

It was a pure survival response! I did not mean to do it! I swear!!! It's all 's fault!

wins Best Character Generator in a Strategy Game Ever hands down. Not even a contest. 🏆

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