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Live on Twitch, recording the latest episode of The Private Citizen. Tarkov duos with later...

The third episode of my podcast with has just been released. We talk about the health benefits of video games, new features in Escape from Tarkov and nudity in German spas.

Escape the Talk Show 3: A Shower, Not a Grower

I learned a new trick: Baking bread in a dutch oven. It works very, very well. Better than my baking stone and the water on a baking tray,

(You replace the lit, of course. I took it off to remove some baking paper.)

YouTube admits they were wrong. It seems I'm not as horrible at my job as they had initially insinuated.

Nade skills? On point tonight! Just was in the way, the bastard...

Live with some Tarkov duos with - gonna go kill Killa on Factory!

Google is threatening to delete one of my podcast episodes because, they claim, I am spreading "medical misinformation" on COVID-19. This is ludicrous and easily disproved by actually LISTENING to the episode in question. I will fight this tooth and nail.

Just released the latest episode of my privacy and civil rights podcast. Today, we are talking about immunity passports. Again. 😒

Recording another episode of my podcast live on Twitch. Talking about digital immunity passports. Again.


Today we are live directly from the Space Championships in Orbital Landing.

Hosts and lead you through the matches making sure you are provided with necessary commentary and informaton!

▶️ ◀️


RT Meanwhile, what the game looks like on my end. This is me trying to find a scav:


So and me are drunk AF and he decides to go kill Killa for the first time... Well, waddaya know... he just does. Blam. Dead. Amazing shit. I was just along for the ride. His camera man.

Live now. Come hang out in chat!


Hey guys... I've been completely fucked in bed from vaccine side effects since Tuesday. Finally getting my feet back under me. I think I might stream some chill Snow Runner Hard Mode later. Will let you know when I plan to go live. Probably around 14:00 CEST.


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