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Hello Please explain to me how a video produced by me, about a game you don't own with music you don't own violates your copyright. Maybe wants to explain this to me. This is either misuse of the system or a pretty egregious bug.

In der Tiefsee ist man nicht unbedingt erst dann am Boden, wenn man den Meeresgrund erreicht hat. Friedenszeiten sind die Flauten für Söldner wie mich und ich war dankbar für jeden Auftrag, war er auch noch so langweilig und sinnlos.

I’ve been asked to talk about this multiple times, so here we go: Today’s episode of The Private Citizen deals with the SolarWinds hack.

Live on Twitch, streaming my weekly podcast. Talking about the SolarWinds hack today.


The fireflies of the Ostara content create a beautiful bokeh. Need to take more screenshots before they're gone again.


Back with more streaming. Live on Twitch the rest of the day. First playing The Witcher, then Escape from Tarkov.


Thanks for the escape, and ! Did we make it out successfully? I'm not sure. 🤕



This is my second ever raid in , my first ever PMC raid. I outlived both and -that is a huge accomplishment! 💪



Live now. Embarking on another full day of streaming. Including Valheim, Microsoft Flight Simulator, The Witcher and Escape from Tarkov.

After some technical troubles, I had a lovely stream today, playing Flight Simulator, Tarkov and Valheim. Will go to bed now. See you tomorrow for (probably) another one of those 12+ hour streams!

Going live on Twitch. I'll be playing Microsoft Flight Simulator and later Escape from Tarkov until deep into the night.

We believe in you! Tacticalefa will save us!


I let myself get persuaded to try with and tomorrow.

My gaming motto is this: "Smol Brain. Big Panic."

You know what to expect.

Friday evening (CET), Twitch. See ya!


Just released the latest episode of The Private Citizen. Now to write another story and then I'm off to bed.

Now live with episode 60 of my weekly privacy and politics podcast. Today, we are talking infosec:

I always have to smile when I come across this again. My number one claim to fame. 😄

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