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Live on Twitch, playing . 30 dumbbell reps for every time I die outside the Top 10. My poor arms!

Etwas arg verspätet hier nun eine Sonntagskolumne zur FOSDEM dieses Jahr.

Online-Konferenzen sind Murks

Lots of streaming happening this week. Up-to-date schedule can always be found here:

RT Lol...once saw a contract to hunt down a well known bad guy going by that name


Streaming some PUBG. Haven't played this game for more than two years. Let's see if I remember how this goes...

Writing done for the day! Now spending the rest of the evening playing The Witcher. Let's get through this fucking swamp!

Live now on Twitch:

"ABS-Kunstoff ist günstig, aber unzerstörbar. Wenn man drauf tritt, stirbt man eher selbst, als dass der Stein kaputt geht." 😂

Live now with my weekly podcast. Tonight I'm talking about the WhatsApp TOS changes and whether you should switch. I'm also taking a look at the federated message protocol Matrix.

Back with some original Witcher live on Twitch! Doing all the bonking all the bosses, I mean all the bosses... are you aware of this? Is it just me? Asking for a friend who's a tech journalist. 😅

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That's accidentally more cyberpunk than Cyberpunk bargained for... 😂

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