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I told you it would be bumpy and tears would come.

Maybe... maybe... hey... maybe all of this crap doesn’t actually *enhance our security*? Could it be...? 🧐


How have hundreds of billions upon hundreds of billions of dollars been spent in the name of security since 9/11, along with the deployment of drones and surveillance tech, yet a few hundred protestors can so easily breach the Capitol, just waltzing in and taking it over?



DEVELOPING: American Traitors masked as republicans open gates of Washington to pillaging Confederate Army. Fate of Lincoln unknown.

Can Sherman advance from Georgia in time?


RT Come on, Wizards! Admit it. It's all an elaborate promotion! 😂


At this point in the night, I feel it’s time for a quick reminder from His Bobness that the history of the United States of America has been more turbulent than most people remember.

Ab heute veröffentlicht die Zeitungsgruppe Ostfriesland eine wöchentliche Kolumne zum Tech-Geschehen in Deutschland von mir. Die Kolumne erscheint jeden Dienstag in der Ostfriesen-Zeitung und im General-Anzeiger.

Figured out how to stream my iPad screen to OBS. There will be Bob Ross / Procreate streams in the future!

Halefa is the best! Watch her streams. She's the best! --> 👀

Gotta sort all the cards again because I had to ruin my system to pack the cards for the bloody move. 🙄

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