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Mir schnürt keine Virusinfektion die Lunge zu, sondern die Gedanken, die mir kommen, wenn ich den Herdentrieb meiner Mitmenschen beobachte.

After 67 hours and 38 minutes, I've now finished . I believe I did every single mission in the game and I loved every minute of it. A worthy successor to Fallout, I'm also madly in love with its Firefly homages. I very much doubt this was my last playthrough.

Not supposed to go out? Might as well bake some bread and enjoy myself...

I've been podcasting for 14 years now. Never in my life had I imagined we'd be providing a service "critical to the health and well-being" of everyone.

As per the LA County "shelter in place" order:

Beef Stew McMurtry at your service.


Your quarantine name is the last thing you ate + the last name of the author of your current read.

I am Peanut Butter Kondo.


Nothing like a good beef stew when you’re locked in under quarantine...

Lots of producers are sharing their stories with me. Many are out of a job or about to be. I’m going to start promoting NAS as a place to make connections. Let’s all be welcoming and helpful. Use hashtags to form ad-hoc groups. TYFYC

The last curfew in Germany was under the Nazi regime.

All I need for a writing marathon: Red wine, a clicky keyboard, Powerwolf on the stereo and a nice Aivazovsky background.

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