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This is apparently from the James Nash SHS yearbook, must be in 2000. sent me this (she's also an alumni, we met by chance at my previous employer). My prose was somewhat pitiful back then. And Comic Sans as well, to add insult to injury.

Maybe we should spent less time charging our phones and more time going to the moon? Just an idea.

Becoming a complete moron during an infectious disease outbreak is far more contagious.

Wow. Amazing tech. 😯


Removing the reactor compartment from the Le Redoutable-class submarine (SSBN). The mass of the block is 700 tons.


Swirling spheres of otherness
Of hope and doom forlorn
Her path could lead to happiness
Or the end of times for all

I love how soundtrack integrates synths into fantasy compositions. So good!


6 Grad Celsius und Sonnenschein. Eigentlich das perfekte Wetter für eine Autowäsche und eine kleine Ausfahrt. Ignoriere ich das Salz auf den Straßen oder bin ich vernünftig?



Looking for a web browser that:

- Isn’t made by Google
- Isn’t made by a company that gets half a billion dollars a year from Google
- Doesn’t have Google as the default search engine
- Doesn’t sell your attention with attention tokens.

You know, just a tool to browse the web…


Never, ever take Chris Roberts at his word. He once said Squadron 42 was coming out in 2016. I still have the screenshot from the story I wrote on that. 😂

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RT So everyone explained the situation and the bug causing it. I take them at their word, and I don't think anything nefarious was going on. I did uninstall, but more because it takes up a ton of space and I'm not up to playing in an alpha release of anything.


Me, records podcast: "I love feedback, but don't write me about X please because I know and I'll fix it. Just takes time."

First feedback: "Hey! You aware that X is a thing???"

Every damn time. People just don't listen to things anymore. And they barely read headlines.

With a new expansion released, the Magic League dives into the new meta with three fresh rounds of matches and new decks for the contestants.

FML Season 1, Split B: The Decks

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