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NDR-Reportage zum Cannabis-Anbau in Neumünster

30 Minuten hinter den Kulissen beim ersten deutschen Gras-Anbauer


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Ich interessiere mich seit Jahren für von Cannabis in Deutschland, fand aber die Berichterstattung dazu und zu Gras im Allgemeinen zu blöd.

Also hab ich mir gedacht, ich mach das mal selber. Ich präsentiere: gibgras.de

Also: This PC has a Ryzen 5 5600X, 32 GB RAM and TBs of SSD space. Aside from the GTX 980, it's pretty close to state of the art. What more could you shitheads possibly want for your crap OS? Does it really need more than 4 GB of dedicated video memory? FOR WHAT??????

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Well, first of all, I don't fucking want Windows 11. I haven't heard a single reason why I would from you asshats up in Redmond.

What’s more in your interest? Stopping Facebook from leeching off the private data of your life to further its monopoly or forcing it to censor your speech? And now take a guess which of the two politicians want to do and journalists are ecstatic about?


Ich werde die nächsten vier Monate damit verbringen, meinen Roman zu Ende zu schreiben. Dieses Unterfangen wird netterweise von der Bundesregierung gefördert.

Stipendium von VG Wort und Bundesregierung

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On our last show in Denver we were honoured by the visit of the WW2 veteran Elmer "Lucky" McGinty who served with Charlie Brown which we sing about in our song No Bullets Fly.
At age 97 he made a good statement that age is just a number and nobody is too old to rock. 💪

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Second day on Icarus. Streaming this game for a few hours again today. Let's upgrade the cabin and maybe go looking for one of them satellites...


Anybody know how to fix this? Can't export from Twitch to YouTube anymore because it doesn't let me connect the accounts...

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can't export twitch VODs to YouTube anymore as myaccounts are no longer connected and Twitch won't let me re-connect it.

Is anyone else having this issue as of yesterday? Would like to know if it's a me problem or a site-wide problem after Twitch tripped and dropped spaghetti

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Going live with a day of Icarus on the beta weekend. Playing this for the first time, so there's absolute noobishness ahead...


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