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@jonathanmh_com@twitter.com Should have gone for the legs! He was wearing glasses... 🙈


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Deadlyslob - chadding harder than the chads since 2016.

Today, at 20:00 CEST, I am starting with The Witcher 2, importing my progress from the first game. Can't wait! This will be fun!


Screenshots are important! 🤣

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When @jonathanmh_com@twitter.com and @fabsh@twitter.com are having a chill little photoshoot in Tarkov:


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Live recording and editing my podcast The Private Citizen on Twitch tonight. Talking about the Ubiquiti thing. Afterwards, I'll jump into Tarkov for a bit.


Today, I finally finished The Witcher! You can watch the whole journey, including all the sex (!!!) and the 17 times my soul died, in the following playlist. On Friday, we start adding episodes from The Witcher 2 to it.


Live on Twitch, trying to finally finish The Witcher! Apparently there's a lot of infuriating boss fights left...


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Thanks to @fabsh@twitter.com, I will be able to stream my childhood memory on Thursday.

is a German adventure game from 1995. I have fond memories, but modern reviews are brutal.😆

I will provide paraphrased translations.

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First game I remember playing. Except my screen was orange, white and black.

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Sorry for the screenshot size. Screens back then were a little low res. twitter.com/_halefa_/status/13

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Streaming schedule for this week. Trying to finish The Witcher today. Fucking game. Apparently there are some horrible boss fights left. I will then start The Witcher 2 on Friday. Can't wait for that!


Going live with a chill stream, continuing The Witcher. Time for ale, debauchery and demons!


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Vielen Dank an Prof. Willems für die Erwähnung in der Highlight Session, aber v.a. an alle Co-Autoren, besonders @AlkenMD@twitter.com @th3k4ty@twitter.com @C_Meyer_MD@twitter.com @EPOsypka@twitter.com twitter.com/KardiologieHH/stat

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Extra episode of The Private Citizen this week. Enjoy!

The Private Citizen 64: The Problem with Facts

The first of two Private Citizen episodes for this week:

Explaining the scientific method (or: how scientists think) as a basis for further discussions on the podcast.

The Private Citizen 63: The Scientific Method

Live now on Twitch, recording two episodes of my podcast back-to-back, talking science and facts.


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