Finally gotten rid of that damn leather hat. This is an outfit I can work with.

@stsquad It's one of a large number of Nvidia cards effected. And its obvious that a large segment of the market had these problems immediately after the game came out. Rockstar obviously fucked up. They basically admitted as much in their apology. They had a year to test this and obviously didn't. We aren't talking a port here. Both consoles are PCs. We're talking testing THE OTHER manufacturer's cards FFS.

@stsquad First of all, the game isn't on Steam. Secondly, that's only one of a number of GTX cards effected. Thirdly, its obviously a significant problem that's easy to fix. I provided a link with ample coverage in my blog post.

I really don't understand why you are defending a monumental fuckup by a multi-billion dollar company. Nor do I care why.

@stsquad Yes. But this bug is very easy to find. I mean, how many people are using an i5 with a GTX 980? That's a *very* common configuration. Millions of people run that. It's also not a Vulkan issue at all. Switching to DX12 changed absolutely nothing.

@stsquad Well, pretty much every other big gaming studio manages to do it. Not to mention many very small indies...

@stsquad Why are you telling me this? You're free to do whatever you want, I don't really give a crap. I don't see how your gaming habits have any bearing on the blog post I wrote.

Magic cards for me, Lush and chocolate for are our advent calendars I’ve built for this year.

@stsquad Not to mention that I don't give a fuck that you're happily playing on a PS4. Why would I care about that? Are you seriously suggesting I buy a PS4 for one game?

@stsquad You're talking bullshit. You're telling me a company with a revenue of almost three billion dollars can't test about 15 graphics cards with 5 to 10 CPUs? THEY HAD A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR!!! I mean, come on. The magazine I used to work at could have figured this out with three people in a month. While having a thousandth of their funds.

I can finally play after Rockstar cleaned up some of the mess they made with the PC release...

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Right. That’s it. I’m suing Amazon for misappropriating my person!

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