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Ready to spent an extremely tactical night with in the outskirts of Tarkov. Streaming going live ASAP.

This week on The Private Citizen, I explain's SQRL, which is a really cool solution to the problems we all face with passwords on the internet.

The Private Citizen 84: Steve Gibson's Squirrel

The face of an AOC voter who has just discovered what literal Socialism tastes like. Welcome to the GDR, Sam!

What a video! Well done! 😄

Something for the Tarkov peeps.


This is pretty cool!
Various handgun and rifle ammunition! All filmed at 100,000 frames per second


Totally owning this month. All of these runs were with 4 kg of weight in the plate carrier.

I will be intrigued to find out why the national copyright collecting agency of Brazil thinks it has a composition claim on a song from the 15th century recorded by Sega specifically for

This track fucking slaps! As usual for the guys. ❤️


TANKERS RISE UP! New video "Steel Commanders" honors heroes and spearheads the BIG "Spirit of War" event. 👉
Watch here: 👉



Doc just said he knows why he got banned and he's suing the fuck outta Twitch ... GOOD

Firm Handshakes Boss🤝


Eine mehr als drei Jahre alte Windows-Installation zum produktiven Arbeiten zu nutzen, ist, wie mit einem Hyundai ix35 die Rallye Dakar fahren zu wollen: Man kann es versuchen, kommt aber wahrscheinlich nicht sehr weit.

wins Best Character Generator in a Strategy Game Ever hands down. Not even a contest. 🏆

The people responsible claim nobody could have predicted what happened in Afghanistan this week. But their experts did in fact did predict it and then the people in charge lied about it.

The Private Citizen 82: The Afghan Disaster


She streamer?

Now live on 🔴🔴

I'm going to start my first playthrough of ! All blind. Give me these dark, moody, steampunky moods - fitting to the weather outside! ⛈️


Episode 5 of Escape the Talk Show has been released. and myself discuss our recent meeting, taking pictures at the Landschaftspark in Duisburg and insane Danish laws.

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