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This baby trying to make Beatbox with his father is the funniest and most tender thing I've seen in a long time😂😍 Adorable

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Tfue sues FaZe Clan over an “illegal gamer contract,” and alleges that the organisation is pulling 80% from his sponsorships and other third-party deals.

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Trying to improve my painting game by redrawing art from people who know what they are doing. Today: Vraska, Scheming Gorgon.

Apparently there are five basic lands in the set that form a panorama. Here are three of the five, missing the plains (2/5) and forest (5/5).

Big Ole Elderspell. This will come in handy for years to come. 😁

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Here’s a video of a guy putting a camera on a sushi conveyer belt. It’s wonderful. Every table has a little story!

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When a company doesn't have a responsible disclosure Email/page....I have to choose an unexpected communication channel... :/

Please use security.txt @securitytxt@twitter.com

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