Becoming a fan of Anson Mount more and more here. He’s got serious Roland Deschain energy going on. ❀️


Here's the vital Rosa Luxemberg point -- "Those who do not move, do not notice their chains" -- applied to why unthreatening people who don't dissent don't value privacy.

It's the same reason why people who don't dissent from orthodoxies don't care about viewpoint suppression.




Verge: "reporters at The Verge have never been measured by their pageviews, or even given easy access to them"

Also Verge: "March was The Verge's all-time biggest month, with 54m unique visitors and 98m pageviews."


These daily newsletters are becoming very ranty. I swear it's not me, it's the fucking ridiculous bullshit that's in the news these days...

FOXTROT/ALFA: For-Pay LibreOffice, Robot Subs, US to Backdoor All End-to-End Crypto

"My new company is called Mmhmm, it's a virtual camera that could reshape......"

There are very few things that can hype you up like a good Bruce Buffer intro.

Aaaaaaaaand nooooooooow............

Ich bin wieder hiiiiiier......
In meinem Reviiiiiiiiiier.......


ach teams...


Facebook reminding me of that time the Guzzi and me made it home bruised but whole after a bit of a collision up in Scotland. What a tough little bike. β™₯️

It's time for another episode of my privacy and politics podcast! This time, I have a conversation about the current state of journalism with fellow critical thinker

The Private Citizen 28: Journalism in Crisis

Buttons now get deactivated for four seconds after issuing a diving or surfacing command. At some point I will need an audio cue for this that sounds like rushing water and bubbles...

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Bit of a rant on cowboy hats and virtue signalling in today's newsletter...

FOXTROT/ALFA: Tech Culture Wars, Big-IP Vulnerabilities, Internet Archive Misused as CDN


"Last of Us II"
""Look for the Light""
After finishing the game I felt so very inspired by the breathtaking environments done by amazing artists at! So I did what I had to do!


Wie wichtig ist Ihnen AnonymitΓ€t im Netz, fragt mich die heise-online-Umfrage, die mich mit mindestens drei Trackern ausspionieren will.

Es wΓ€re eigentlich ganz witzig, wenn es nicht so traurig wΓ€re.

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