We drove up and down the most amazing serpentine pass roads today. Getting a lot quicker doing it, too. The old feel for riding those tight corners is coming back...

Games Workshop might have nuked the Old World, but relics of the lore supreme still litter our world. If you know where to look.

Did four alpine passes today, drove past the source point of the Rhine and also the big lakes around Interlaken.

Bought two more patches for the cut to commemorate this trip. Will get sewed on when we’re back home.

I don’t need apps to tell me what I look like when I’m old. I am old.

Oh, very cool! Rich and Eduardo are back! 👌🏻

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Your favorite pros and challengers will compete in beautiful Barcelona for $500K in prizes and the chance to be a Mythic Champion and make it to Worlds!

See you Fri, July 26, 9 AM CEST!

Get the details here:

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Manchmal hat man ne geile Idee, aber das falsche Timing:

1916 - Lady Norman auf ihrem Krupps Roller.

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And of course, we did the San Bernardino. Sadly, no dogs with booze in sight...

Mit einer Wurstsalat-Bestellung fast den Kriegsfall mit der Schweiz ausgelöst. Ich liebe es, wenn ein Plan funktioniert...

Enjoying the customary “we made it up and down the mountain” cigar with dad.

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