Sure. You can tell journalists that they have to keep it a secret if they are reviewing your highly anticipated AAA game. A bit dumb, but OK...

Now, it becomes *really dumb* when your own game distribution platform tells everyone that the journalists are playing said game.

I’ve just released the final episode of the year for The Private Citizen. Here, I’m taking a look back at the year through the lens of all the topics I’ve covered:

The Private Citizen 50: The Year 2020 in Review

Going live with some . Haven't played this in over a decade, but and promised to show me how one games the warcrafts these days! For the Azerhorde ...or something!!!

Well. That’s clearly because they‘re all Nazis, Glenn. 70 million Nazis in fact. That’s more Nazis than the original Nazi Germany had. And the only thing keeping those 70 million Nazis at bay are the valiant SJWs at the Times. That’s a fact*.

* Fact check ✅ by the NYT

Mache Abrechnung. Wie sagt Der Held der Steine immer? Da verliert man schnell den Lebenswillen....

Had to create a new character, since I haven't logged in in literally a decade and all my old ones are MIA.

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Aaand another speed paint video to show how the painting came to and where I used the famous German method of "Verschlimmbessern".


Watching this now. She ain’t half bad either!


Holy shit, so much preparing!! But I'm now ready!! For


I'm gonna paint with Bob, I'm gonna sniff the paint, probably also eat the paint. Join me!




Installer for the Russian version of MS-DOS 4.01, the first version of MS-DOS to be officially localized for the Soviet Union.


Greenwald is spot on about the M5M desire to have their broadcast / printing press monopoly back. Journalism is going to shit and their way to save it is to censor the guy in his bedroom with a computer and a microphone who does it better than them.

Episode 49 of The Private Citizen is out! I talk about the renewed , what we have to watch out for and how it historically came about that governments don't want us to have cryptography that works.

Why is being prematurely axed? And what will happen to the character of Alex in the final season?

Why I Worry about the Best Sci-Fi on Television

Why are so many independent-minded journalists moving to Substack? Maybe they are onto something? Or are they so down-and-out that they now need to prostitute themselves for all to see?

Another Twirl around the Stripper Pole

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