Buzzing the Airbus airport in Finkenwerder, giving a tour of my old flat and getting a lot of geography wrong.

Savage Cub VFR: EDDL → EDDH

Yo Can you explain to me how we were gonna pull off this landing in a Citation? 🤣

First flight in down. I still got it. Took off in Schwarze Heide (my home airport) and landed in EDDL (where I live now) successfully.

Heute hat meine Sonntagskolumne mal ne cringeworthy headline, die einem c't-Artikel würdig wäre (würde mich auch nicht wundern, wenns die in der c't tatsächlich auch schon mal so gab).

Auf Ryzen

You might have been wondering why you haven’t heard much from me for a week or so. That’s because I took some days off to upgrade my PC. Here’s the result.

Operation «Lion Upgrade»

Warum ist es cool, wenn Helden im Fernsehen skeptisch gegenüber Autoritäten sind, aber in der Realität verabscheuen die selben Leute, die das cool finden, dieses Verhalten? Was ist da los?


I have the Roci flying over my desk now! 😍

Right. Just updated the !bonking command for Twitch chat after tonight's Witcher escapades. So far, I've managed to do all the bonks.

Right! Time for The Witcher! Join me on Twitch as I drink and bonk my way through Vizima...

Good morning, fellow captains! Here's a gentle reminder not to navigate your battleship before your first coffee. Otherwise you will end up like this poor Nassau...

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