Okay, I think I found what's wrong with my Guzzi. Two fuses have power when the bike is off. One is for the cockpit electronics. That pulls 50 mA for 5 seconds when turned on and then settles at 0.1 mA.

The other fuse is only for the Magneto Marelli MIU G3 engine control unit. Which is pulling about 50 mA constantly.


Since the cockpit electronics are clearly powering up and then settling into some kind of standby mode, I'm thinking it ain't normal for the ECU to pull 50 mA constantly when the bike is off. I guess my fault is here or in the wiring from the fuse box to the ECU.

Excellent work! How long did it take you to find out? My HD has also some issues, but I fear the huge electronics in the front fairing.

P.S.: looking for a little story about the Fedilab developer that has been threatened until he quit, because he didn't want to censor some instances in the app?

@tpheine Once I got my multimeter working it took a few hours. But I have my dad in law on call who is an electrician. Now I have the problem of deciding what to do about fixing it. This amount of bleed will suck a 14 Ah battery completely dry in 11 days.

Always great to have helping hands in the family. When I am not driving for about 1 week, my battery is empty as well. Fortunately I have a charger that is connected all the time when it's parked. Maybe I have time and more importantly "Bock" next spring or summer to get into Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson mode.

@tpheine That story sounds perfect for the Private Citizen. Can you mail me a link?

Unfortunately this link only tells the end of the story. The beginning might be lost due to the deletion of the Fedilab and associated accounts, where he has been harassed and made some official statements.

Long story short: he didn't want to censor instances with Fedilab. Tuskys developer on the other hand did it, after hard pressure.


@tpheine Good on him. People with a backbone are rare these days.

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