'Cancel culture' is just a relabelling of 'being held accountable for one's actions.'

Being held accountable for doing something shitty is something only shitty people would take umbrage with.


Under the rule of law in a constitutional democracy people are being held accountable in court, by a judge. And only there. Trial by media, or trial by social media, subverts this system of justice and thus it subverts justice itself.

As Sherman said: Vox populi, vox humbug.

While I share your sentiment re cancel culture, I feel the need to point out, if only for the sake of discussion, that the right “to be judged by one’s own peers” is highly praised, valued, and considered very nice and democratic in most of the constitutions I’ve read. That's a very American concept. And it's actually "to be judged by one's own peers in a court of law". It describes a jury trial, as far as I am aware. Most constitutional democracies (certainly all under civil/Roman law) do not have this concept.

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