Ran 11 kilometres, now for the payoff: Dry aged beef, fried egg with Spree pickles, field salat with pomegranate and a fine Bowmore.

I visited Spreewald with extended family a couple of years ago, and I must confess I wasn’t really impressed by the pickles. I thought they were quite average and I’ve definitely had better pickles in my life.

Looking at your picture I finally realized I missed the point by miles, if not lightyears. I officially envy you tonight! ;)

Don’t repeat my mistake! If you ever find yourself in a foreign land and don’t quite like the pickles natives say are the best, just look at what kinds of food and drinks natives consume them with. East of Wisla that would be black bread and vodka (or local moonshine), hence my confusion about Spreewald pickles. Yeah. The point of them for me is to spruce up dinners. I love putting them on bread with cheese or meat that you eat in the evenings. Goes great with a nice lager as well. 😊

Yep, now that you’ve mentioned it, a good lager would definitely work, too!

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