Xiaomi, the fourth biggest smartphone maker in the world, makes phones that are quite cheap. It seems they recoup the money by violating their customers' privacy.

The Private Citizen 18: Xiaomi Brazenly Collects User Data on Their Phones


I know these things tend to get tricky, and charset conversions sometimes happen in unpredicted ways. I also know you use and love Pocket Casts, and are probably aware of this issue, and I imagine that even if you haven’t noticed it yourself, several people have already pinged you about it on previous episodes’ material. But just in case you aren’t and they haven’t:

@evgenykuznetsov.org I had no idea. Is this Pocket Casts? The chapters come right from Ultraschall. @rstockm any ideas?


@rstockm Why isn’t Ultraschall’s chapter function encoding quotes and double quotes that Pocket Casts can handle?

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