A fascinating story of how a scrappy little doorbell company became the spark that is currently igniting an unprecedented wave of nightmare corporate surveillance in urban neighbourhoods around the world.

A Ring to Rule Them All I found your latest podcast interesting, but also very androcentric. We need to consider, for example, a single woman who gets her car broken into regularly, gets stalked by creepy men, and generally feels unsafe alone in her own home. For such a person, a ring doorbell that allows the police and neighbours to see what's going on in front of her house or apartment at any given time will give her a sense of security, and if it's subsidized by the police department, that sense of security will come at a discount price while adding a layer of perceived security. Those of us concerned about our privacy need to consider a gynocentric world view and understand that many people are willing to trade privacy for safety and security. With this in mind, we should be able to come up with ideas that will provide women with a greater sense of security and safety without compromising privacy, but we can't expect them to wait for us to come up with this "Ideal" solution.

@Paul I really don't understand why you are making this about gender. Are you suggesting women are inherently more vulnerable then men? Also: Don't you think that if someone feels unsafe in their home there should be other solutions for this than completely giving up your privacy? I don't know about you, but I expect the state to solve that problem, not a private for-profit company. Why not invest the taxpayer money in the police directly?

I'm not making this about gender, but if you want to understand why someone would be willing to give up privacy for security, you would do well to understand this perspective. It's all well and good to sit back and expect the state will take care of the problem, but the reality is, for many women living in fear, the state isn't doing a very good job, and most are not willing to wait for the state to do their job, especially when the state lets rapists and stalkers free to roam the streets. As such, I wouldn't expect to see these Ring doorbells disappear because of your otherwise informative podcast, I'm afraid.
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