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I hope we can have one episode a week so we can live tweet during& geek out after before the next episode. is a gourmet meal, a bottle of Lagavulin! Something to enjoy slowly and when it’s over, long for more while we tweet like mad for a week🚀


Oh please, no! Non of this Discovery release bullshit. What is this, the ‘90s? If you want to live tweet, watch it on a pre-arranged day, an episode a week.

And let the rest of us watch our TV when we have the time to enjoy it. This shit makes no sense in the streaming age.

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@fabsh I love the Expanse. I've been wondering when Season 4 news would come out! Hopefully it continues to increase in quality because the books and novellas were AMAZING

Also, this reminds me... it's almost time for the next book to land!
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