First sketch of the campaign map. Most stories would be set outside the exclusion zone of The Core itself.

As if I didn't have enough to do. While under the shower just now, inspiration hit. I'm going to try to write a campaign for @simonstalenhag's RPG set in a crazy scifi / post-apocalypse / childhood memory version of my home town of Duisburg.

Just got „Things from the Flood“, an RPG set in Simon Stålenhag‘s worlds. It very much makes me wanna set up a campaign for this and stream it eventually. Anyone interested to join?

Lovely thread. Makes me wanna play this game again. Although the idea of spoilers for a ten year old game cracks me up... 😆

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Mmmkay I'm going to keep my Dragon Age Origins ramblings and adventures on a thread so if you're not into it or don't want spoilers please feel free to mute this tweet :'D


Right. Heading to the cockpit now. This time, we're gonna make it to the waypoint! Join me as I get there or die trying in neutron fire in .

Oh man... So happy to finally pick this card out of a booster. I love that illustration by @howardlyonart so much. Best artwork in the set by a long shot!

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"Fake news" does not exist and the conflicting truth narratives we see are not created by bots (or Russia).


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🎨✈️ @British_Airways has announced A319 G-EUPJ will receive retro British European Airways (BEA) colors.

Follow it to the paint hangar in Shannon this weekend and set your alerts for its flight back to London in early March.


Taking a break from all that freelancing to have some fun... You gotta have some fun once in a while.

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