The tech news for today:

HP Has a New CEO, Vietnam isn't China, Mastercard Lost Credit Card Numbers, Steam Fixes Controversial Zero Days, Russians Send Killer Robot to the ISS, Android Ditches the Desserts

Got this in a Facebook ad. Actually thinking of buying it... 🤣

Ah ja. Sie können die Autos zwar nicht genug produzieren, die Auslieferung klappt nicht, dann gehen sie kaputt und werden nicht repariert... und eurem Fazit nach ist das das “beste Auto der Welt”. Der Autor hat nicht viele andere Autos gefahren, oder? 🤣


„Das beste Auto der Welt und der schlechteste Service“ - Unser Autor über die TESLA-Servicehölle:



In case any of you didn't know...

Saturn has a massive jet stream in the shape of a freaking Hexagon, that's about 20,000 miles across.

It is inconceivably symmetrical too, because the cosmos is just that weird and wonderful.



Knewz sounds like a bunch of kobolds started a news agency that writes articles with headlines like "Hoomanz Steel Gold From Bigtooths" and "Aventurers: Kommiting Genoside Against Kobold!?"


Tech news roundup for today:

Google Stadia or Bust, Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition Details, Blue Byte is No More, Contractors Were Listening to Xbox Recordings Since 2013, New Matrix Movie, Steam Zero Day

Das Ende eine Ära. Schade. Ich werde den Namen Blue Byte immer mit Schleichfahrt verbinden, eins meiner Top-3-Spiele aller Zeiten. Ubisoft hingegen steht für mich für massenkompatiblen Scheiß, der keinen Spaß macht.

I have, since then, asked very different Twitter representatives many times for reasons for many of these things. I get only silence. And now tell me there isn’t a culture war going on here in which unpopular opinions are being purposefully repressed.

These colleagues, however, had not written an opinion piece on Germany‘s biggest tech site a few weeks earlier, criticising Twitter for taking Milo‘s and other people’s verified status away in circumstances that can only be seen as a public punishment.

I am almost sure of this since I tried repeatedly to get verified by Twitter back in the day. They never responded. Colleagues at the same media outfit with about 5% of my followers and way less content got the blue tick with a request worded exactly the same as mine.

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