Come on and saddle up, boys
Cause the governor said
He'll pay three thousand dollars for Murietta's head
He don't want him alive, he wants him dead
And he'll pay three thousand dollars for Murietta's head

In episode 35 of The Private Citizen, I revisit contact tracing apps. Do they work? What are the current problems?

The Private Citizen 35: Do Contact Tracing Apps Work?

Recorded a podcast episode. Will publish it later today, too. 👊🏻


Paper submitted. Finally. 💪 what was your success today?



Found the Hagger the Horrible comic strip by that mentioned several times


Final pre-checks on the Roci are complete. All systems are nominal, she’s been cleaned and the tank is full. We leave for Norway on Friday.

RT Ich würde es mal mit David Kriesels Corona-Plots versuchen.


Gibt es eigentlich irgendwo ne Grafik, die die offiziellen RKI-Fallzahlen zu SARS-CoV-2 gegen die RKI-Zahlen zu Todesfällen plottet?

It‘s a Hägar the Horrible Strip, BTW.


3 VERY IMPORTANT THINGS about this photo of Joe Biden calling Kamala to offer her VP spot:

1. Biden has to read from a script that is clearly visible

2. Biden does not know how to hold an iPhone (it’s upside down)

3. The cartoon on Biden’s desk is a man screaming “WHY ME?!”



Congratulations to & the team in for their 1st use of in combination with contact force, using the next level of ablation tools, local impedance & contact force with the new INTELLANAV STABLEPOINT Catheter


Thank you, man, I think you did an awesome job of laying it all out. Definitely appreciated in the world where nobody seems to know or care what exactly the terms mean any longer!

I think your concept of socialism as an artificial religion is awesome and I’m definitely using it next time I get involved in a social-economical discussion.

It’s actually a very interesting thing, albeit maybe outside the scope of The Private Citizen, and I think you’ve made a very important point. While it’s obvious capitalism is failing (as evidenced by negative interest rates that simply make no sense in capitalism), and it can hardly work in the economy where the cost of developing a product is huge while the cost of making multiple copies of it is relatively low (as in 3D printing) or approaches zero (as in software development), many people (even those who actually read Marx) fail to understand that the very notion of “socialism is what comes after capitalism, the same way as capitalism is what comes after feudalism” is just a wild (albeit educated) guess by Marx and followers, not a scientific fact.

In many ways the Soviet propaganda was based on this very concept: as the technology evolves, capitalism is no longer the optimal system and will have to be replaced by socialism, just like capitalism itself replaced feudalism, so we should practice socialism right away because it’s inevitably coming one way or another (and communism comes next, but that’s still in the future). The obvious fallacy here is that we don’t really know for sure socialism comes next after communism, and even if that’s so, we don’t really know for sure what socialism really looks like. You did a great job of outlining just that, so thank you again!

Best of luck with your vacation trip, and looking forward to the new episodes!

I've just released an extra podcast episode explaining what socialism actually is, since I see the term used wrong a lot these days and it is important when discussing alternatives to surveillance capitalism.

The Private Citizen 34: Socialism Primer

Well... these Guzzi gearbox parts are as expensive as an art installation, so I might as well use em for decorative purposes now...

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