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I really enjoyed this stream. Thanks to for clipping the moment it all went to hell! 😂

Cobi Trabant 601 + Caravan

These US journos who condemn the Trump administration for “aiming for herd immunity” and praise the vaccine research in other tweets crack me up. Take a guess how a vaccine works? Exactly. By creating herd immunity. Nice way of showing the world how dumb you are. 😂

Live now on Twitch building this cute little Trabant out of Cobi blocks. Chill Sunday stream:

My chill Sunday Cobi Trabbi assembly stream will happen today at noon CET of course. I had forgotten about the time zone change, of course. 😁

12:00 CET, Twitch:


Turns out, doing Guardian Stuff™️ in is not ... without challenges. It took us 5,5 of streaming yesterday to finally get the stuff we came and fought hard for.

I got some screenshots, too!

Thanks to &


Well, Let it be known that I was gonna raid you just now but I guess I did stream longer... 😄

LIVE NOW! Elite with &


I'm going to head into space with and as my wingmen! (I wanted to write co-pilots but that would have implied that I'm the most capable one ...)

7pm CEST on

I also still have a game to giveaway!🥳


Die Frau kauft Kosmetik jetzt nur noch im Darknet. 😂

It’s not the best choice...


Nokia says it has been tapped by NASA to build the first cellular communications network on the moon.


The woman who brought you the eBay/Skype deal, one of the biggest financial disasters in Silicon Valley history, strikes again. 😄


Quibi will shut down, all employees will be laid off and it will explore selling rights to some of its content, people familiar with the matter said


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