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If you or your company would like to donate a prize for the famous OggCamp Raffle we'd be most grateful. We'll give you a public mention at the event of course. There's a form here. Thank you!! - forms.gle/avLLd67jFR5Ejeee7

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Hamburg Douchebags meeting in full swing at Barley & Malt. Hard at work shrinking our amygdalas! @adam @Johncdvorak

Neat! ❤️

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Smart. Stylish. Secure. Our new all-in-one solution: The Ultimate Guard SmartHive™ 400+ Planeswalker. We're proud to announce our partnership with @Wizards@twitter.com!

Check out all features: youtu.be/QnPWHvxLF_c
Coming to EMEA in January for MSRP 60€.

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Meine Eltern fliegen für zwei Wochen in den Urlaub. Sie meinten noch vorher zu mir: “boah bin ich froh, deine fuckfresse zwei Wochen nicht sehen zu müssen”.
Habe ihnen zwei dieser wunderschönen Handtücher eingepackt, die anderen habe ich rausgetan. Bitch, don’t mess with me.

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Schon mal versucht im Bahn-WLAN zu arbeiten? Merkste selbst, oder?

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Digitalisierung 2019. Symbolbild.

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Got my daily tech newsletter out quite late today. Sorry for that, everyone. But hey, it's the longest one yet so I made it up in volume, alright? 😁


Well. That was more rust than I had anticipated. Looks like there’s some welding required... Fucking T4s... 😂

You might be right, mate. Looking forward to hanging out, also. 😀

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@MethodDan@twitter.com @fabsh@twitter.com 'Both Dan and Fabian are described as "down to earth, normal, everyday people"' - hahahah nothing normal about either of you! :D but bloody great to see/hear a reunion show!

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