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O hai! I'm currently on the road and posting my travel pictures to Instagram. In case you wanna get jealous. 🙂

Late lunch, Spanish style. It’s almost 30°C in the shade. I think I’m off to the beach in a bit.

Don't mind me. Just casually levitating at the beach after work...

My grandma is turning 100 years old today and she’s the best person I know. Thanks again for restoring my favourite photo of her!

Escape the Talk Show 6 is out! and myself talk about , Afghanistan and COVID conspiracy theories. Also, I get killed by God Himself. Have a listen, it's fun!

Escape the Talk Show 6: Wrath of God


Politik ist das Ordnungsgeschäft widerstrebender Interessen. Gute Politik ist faire Verhandlung. Die gelingt nur durch Vertrauen bei allen Playern. Darum wird linken Aktivisten mit tollen Zielmarken noch lange keine echte Transformation gelingen. Aktivismus ist keine Politik.


Hey there, it's your boy Fabs here with a special surprise podcast episode! My mate and I are doing a deep dive on Brexit. Grab a comfy chair and your favourite drink, lean back and listen:

The Private Citizen 86: The Sausage Wars


Jan Hammer's Miami Vice soundtrack is on Spotify and it improves your writing almost as much as sniffing coke and having hookers on the sofa next to the office.

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